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Bri Smith


Hey Legacy Builders! If this is your first time meeting me, I’m a finance nerd that genuinely wants to help YOU! My financial journey is filled with setbacks and triumphs.

      As the child of divorced parents I had to learn how to start managing an allowance of $20 every two weeks from my grandmother to buy my school clothes starting at the age of 12. As a single mother I had to learn how to manage a very low-income to provide for me and my daughter. As a wife I had to learn how to work as a team to conquer our joint finances.

     During this journey I purchased my first home 10 days after my 21st birthday, paid off over 50% of my student loans before graduating, and most importantly I felt cute in Middle and High School. LOL! I’ve also managed to help get rid of my husband’s debt collectors and gain the peace of mind that comes along with that.

     I want to sit down with you to discover what is stealing your peace and help you formulate a plan to get it back! I’m invested in you reaching your version of success and feeling empowered by your finances. Allow me to help you to start being a manager of your finances and to stop your money from managing you!   

01. Experience

Currently an Accountant pursuing to become a Certified Public Accountant with over 5 years of experience in the accounting and finance industries. 

02. Education

Graduate of Old Dominion University

Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration

Double Majors: Accounting and Finance with a Concentration in Personal Financial Planning


03. Purpose

My mission is two fold. I want to help you take back control over your life and for you to have the freedom to choose. Choose to be present where it matters and not ask anyone for permission. I also want to help you to craft your legacy and be able to leave an inheritance for future generations.

Proven need

The Numbers Don’t Lie

So if you’re like me you may have noticed a problem in our society. Majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford an emergency. While less than half of Americans are happy with their jobs. I want to stop this vicious cycle. Let’s start living a life that gives us freedom to do what is truly important to us. Let’s spend time on what matters: family, field trips, vacations, and more! Book a consultation today to start working towards a life you enjoy.


of americans are living paycheck to paycheck


Of Americans are happy with their jobs

more about me

Why am I a Wealth Consultant?


My Mission is to Help You…

Focus on family

Spend more quality time with who matters the most.

Accomplish your goals

Create a strategic plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

dream big

Have the freedom to imagine and live your dream life.

leave an inheritance

Be able to leave an inheritance for your children’s children. Proverbs 13:22

set an example

Show your children that they can live their dreams and accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

create a legacy

Pass down a wealth of knowledge to your future generations, so that they are good stewards of their inheritance.

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